Treat Dry Eyes Quickly – 7 Best Solutions

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How to cure dry eyes

Having dry eyes is a little more complicated than having occasional dry eyes.

You are familiar with the symptoms: red, itchy, and burning eyes.

But to suffer from dry eye syndrome chronically, when the eye becomes sore and the vision is blurred, is much different.

So let’s see what causes dry eyes and how to soothe and even cure them.

What causes dry eyes

To truly understand the causes of dry eye, you must first examine the tear film.

This film consists of 3 different layers:

  • the lipid layer that prevents the evaporation of tears
  • the watery layer which contains the composition of tears, mostly water 
  • the mucous membrane which serves as a bind between the aqueous layer and the liquid composing the tears on the surface of the eye.

Note that the aqueous layer also contains electrolytes, especially salt and proteins.

It is all the more important that as soon as there is no salt in the tear film, the disease breaks out and causes dry eyes.


– Dry eyes due to water deficiency

In this case, you do not produce enough tears and result in eye disease due to their evaporation.

It is caused by:

– hormonal changes (mainly affecting women)

– age

– damage to the sensory block, the place where the nerves perceive the feeling of dryness and transmit information to the brain to activate the tear glands.
Unfortunately, for some people who have suffered a trauma or a viral infection, these nerves no longer function normally. 

– drugs including antihistamines, antihypertensives 

– autoimmune diseases and in particular Sjögren’s syndrome

– inflammatory syndrome including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthritis


– Dry eyes by evaporation

You produce enough tears but they evaporate immediately.

Unlike aqueous deficiency, evaporative dry eye can affect any age group, even the youngest.

It is caused by:

– an environmental factor including heat and dry air, wind, air conditioning, fan

– insufficient blinking that affects people spending too much time in front of screens or even a partial blink (the eye is not completely closed to the blink) which leaves the eye exposed to air

– a malfunction of meibomian glands (MGD) which secrete oily substances whose purpose is to stabilize the tear film to keep the eye moist.
Note that 80% of dry eye syndromes are due to a meibomian gland dysfunction.

– wearing contact lenses which accelerate the evaporation of tears


– Dry eye due to water deficiency and evaporation

90% of people with dry eye have a form that combines water deficiency and tear evaporation.

Dry eyes inflammation

The reason why dry eyes can be very severe and become chronic is the inflammatory cycle.

Indeed, it directly impacts the salt in the tear film.

Tears evaporate but salt builds up.

The balance of the surface of the eye is affected and causes damage to cell membranes.

Then occurs superficial punctate keratitis or the necrosis of groups of cells on the surface of the cornea.

The irritation, the feeling of sand in the eyes, and the scratching which is strangely reminiscent of conjunctivitis feed this inflammatory cycle lead to an aqueous deficiency or inflame the meibomian glands and cause tears to evaporate or even damage the ocular surface.

So, to successfully curb dry eyes, it is imperative to first treat the inflammation that constantly revives the syndrome.

 dry eyes when I wake up
                            Dry eyes natural remedies

Dry eye natural treatment

  • Best eyedrops for dry eyes

Instilling artificial tears eye drops all day long and not just once a day is imperative.

Choose a complete eye drop that covers both aqueous deficiency and meibomian gland stimulation and does not contain preservatives to prevent chemical burns. 

Note that if artificial tears do not contain any preservatives, you can apply them even if you wear contact lenses.

For my part, I recommend Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops (#ad)

You may also prefer a lubricant eye gel (#ad) instead of eye drops because it stays active longer on the eye by evaporating more slowly.


  • Dry eyes warm compress

Applying warm compresses to the eyelids to liquefy the oil in the meibomian glands can only be of benefit.

Very often this oil tends to solidify when the glands are inflamed.

The heat will therefore soften it and allow it more easily to come out of the glands to lubricate the surface of the eye and prevent evaporation.

You can also use a USB heated eye mask for dry eyes (#ad) which in a few seconds allows you to apply it directly to the eyelids in complete safety.

It is washable, programmable, and can also serve as a basic night mask when stripped of all its accessories.

Note that warm compresses also help treat blepharitis (inflammation of the edges of the eyelids) effectively.


  • Eyes exercise

Blinking after applying hot compresses will allow the glands to activate.

The very act of blinking puts pressure on the meibomian glands which release the oil to lubricate and protect the eye normally.


  • Eyelid massage

Always after applying hot compresses, it is highly recommended to proceed with a gentle massage of the eyelids to unclog the meibomian glands.

So, it is enough to gently massage the upper eyelid from the angle of the eye towards the temple several times in a row to empty the glands.

The same massage is performed on the lower eyelid to release the fluid.

At the end of this massage of a few minutes, a saline solution (#ad) rinse is necessary to evacuate the excess oil.

Note that you should only exercise this technique twice a week and until symptoms improve before giving up when the balance is found.

dry eyes in the morning


  • Omega 3

Although there is much controversy over omega 3 benefits, they are very effective for neurological problems, heart, skin, and retina.

When it comes to dry eye, most ophthalmologists now recommend taking omega 3 in an attempt to treat it.

In this case, they are indicated primarily for their anti-inflammatory action.

Go for an Omega 3 supplement (#ad) every day for 2 to 3 months.

Studies show a significant improvement in the dry eye after this treatment.


  •   Humidifier for dry eyes

Using a humidifier allows you to escape excessively dry air that evaporates tears and dries out the eyes.

Whether in the office, living room, or bedroom, moisten the air (#ad) so that you no longer have dry eyes.

But if you equip yourself, think to prefer distilled water so as not to inhale the minerals of the running water and not to scale the device.


  •   Glasses for dry eyes 

These special glasses protect you from the evaporation of tears while keeping the eye in an ideal humid environment.

They thus reduce irritation, burning sensation, sensitivity to light, tearing, and itching.

In case of extreme dry eyes, these wet chambers glasses (#ad) will allow you to return to a normal life without having to escape the dry air, heat, or air conditioning.

Talk to your eye doctor!

dry eyes glasses

What is the best home remedy for dry eyes?

Dry eyes can be very debilitating.

It is not just a dry eye sensation, it causes painful symptoms, redness, tearing, sensitivity to light, and even blurred vision when left untreated.

It is delicate to treat and often causes corneal problems that should not be overlooked.

Going through an intense period of treatment through hot packs and massages is a first step towards improvement.

Remember to moisturize the eyes throughout the day to complete the procedure and bring healing closer.

Operating in a protected environment that does not destroy the tear film must be constant.

But in the end, you manage to regulate the production of tears, revive the activity of the meibomian glands to no longer undergo irritation, and regain normal vision.

A long road, difficult, but that leads to recovery when dry eye syndrome is caught in time.

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