Who am I?

Natural things are part of my life

Another vision of health may sometimes be a citizen’s vision and an independent approach to these often thorny, although necessary, themes.

I am Marie, a simple french citizen, sensitive to health problems, perhaps endowed with a journalistic sense, and I only want to express myself through this blog to reach, I hope, those who are also asking questions and looking for interesting alternatives.

Natural remedies have been a part of my life for decades.

Let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean that I question the importance of conventional medicine.

It is obvious that it is essential to treat many pathologies and that science has made enough progress to succeed in solving health problems that were ravaging even 50 years ago.

Likewise, I do not pretend to be a doctor.

I’m just sharing my experience with alternative remedies, both for humans and our pets.

It has often happened to me to find relief by the use of a plant, a mother tincture, a food supplement, or even a simple herbal tea.

It’s not denigrating science, it’s just trusting nature.

So of course, it is out of the question to recommend specific cures for serious diseases but just to share my experience and all that I have been able to discover over the years by adapting natural solutions to certain ailments.

This should in no way interfere with the medical management of a serious condition.

Natural remedies can complement allopathic treatment and provide benefits while supporting conventional treatment.

Welcome to my blog, I am very happy to welcome you.

I also specify that you will find in each article Amazon affiliate links referring you to the products that I recommend.

When you purchase a product through this link, Amazon pays me a small commission as a thank you without affecting the amount of your order.

You thus contribute to the financing of this blog and help me to continue this fascinating adventure, this sharing is so important for me which, I hope, will help you to find the appeasement of your ills.

Do not hesitate to contact me or to deliver your thought to join my ideas.

You can even ask me to address a topic that concerns you.

I will be happy to answer you.

Welcome to you.


marie gomedica.org


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