How to strengthen your heart in 30 days?

There are simple, natural ways to improve heart function by doing at least one specific activity per day.

By following this 30-day challenge advising you of one tip per day, you will manage to strengthen your heart quickly.

You just have to follow this plan and check off your activity for the day.

You are thus guided to better heart health for just $2,79.

Up to you!

30 Days Healthy Heart Challenge Printable

Healthy Heart Challenge Printable

Printable List of Heart Healthy Foods

Diet is very important for heart health.

You can use this list of the best heart foods to incorporate into your diet as often as possible.

Every day of the week, you write down what you have consumed and thus determine the best diet for a strong heart.

A simple but very effective printable to ensure you have the perfect nutrition for your heart.

Printable Heart Healthy Diet

Diet list for healthy heart

My Vertigo Management Journal

This little booklet is specially made to track your vertigo symptoms over 15 days.

It helps you to spot potential triggers day after day, the medications you take, the symptoms and pain you feel, and your overall health and mood, so that you can make a complete summary of your feelings of discomfort and describe them to your doctor.

15 days of daily monitoring are more precise than a vague description of symptoms during an appointment.

With this printable diary, you can help your doctor in his diagnosis for better management of your vertigo.

Daily Journal – 17 pages

vertigo management booklet


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