Cardiac Coherence Breathing – The Power of Breath

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Anti-stress coherence breathing

In this stressful world, breathing is the key to rejuvenating and regaining calm.

There are so many ways to breathe, so many specific techniques that you get confused.

However, these techniques that some consider ineffective are not modern.

They date back to very ancient times, some thousands of years old and follow an ancestral tradition.

The modern world encourages us to rediscover them to reapply them and enjoy their benefits.

The most interesting in these respiratory techniques is found in the specific role of each method to act on a particular point, whether physiological or emotional.

Today let’s discover what we call coherence breathing.

What is it for and how to get the best teaching and benefit from it.

What is coherence breathing?

Heart coherence is slow nasal breathing that defines the same time of inspiration and expiration.

The particular rhythm of this breathing technique evolves between 5 seconds of inspiration and 5 seconds of expiration.

The goal is to achieve 5 full breaths per minute.

What is the benefit of a coherent heart?

Why do you breathe this way?

Most adults have a habit of breathing 20 times a minute or more.

It is proven that this respiratory excess is not only useless but blocks us from chronic stress.

By regaining control and by imposing a slow breathing rate, you manage to create a balance of the autonomic nervous system by reducing the sympathetic response while increasing the parasympathetic response.

In general, inspiration generates a sympathetic response while expiration generates a parasympathetic response.

By practicing this breathing technique, you train your autonomic nervous system and make it dominant in any situation instead of getting stuck in chronic stress.

If you even want to increase this dominance of the nervous system, you can extend the exhale a little longer than the inspiration.

Achieving balanced breathing allows you to calm the autonomic nervous system by lowering cortisol levels, but not only.

At the same time, you will improve the vagal tone and control the heartbeat.

The benefits of coherence breathing

This quick and easy technique has a big impact on your health.

Its effects last an average of 5 hours and stabilize emotions, fear, anxiety while restoring well-being and tranquility, by regulating heart rate and stabilizing blood pressure.

The first sessions may seem unprofitable to you, but be aware that the beneficial effects on nervous tension are felt after two weeks.

The optimal result is obtained in two months and can result in the disappearance of inexplicable pain, a clear decline of a feeling of depression, a better quality of sleep, and increased optimism.

 cardiac coherence breathing exercise
                           Cardiac coherence breathing

How to practice coherence breathing?

This is not a method that requires a lot of technique and knowledge.

There are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Inhalation and exhalation must occur only through the nose while keeping the mouth closed
  • Inhale and exhale must imperatively occur throughout the 5 seconds allowed.
    You should especially not take your breath in 1 second and block for 4 seconds to quickly exhale in 1 second and block for the next 4 seconds.
    Breathing should be slow and smooth over an actual period of 5 seconds of inspiration followed by 5 seconds of expiration.
  • You should feel your inhalation from the diaphragm.
    How do you know?
    You should see or feel your belly expand as you breathe in and deflate as you breathe out.

You can practice cardiac coherence by sitting well propped up in your chair or even lying on your back.

If you have difficulty activating diaphragm breathing, it is recommended to practice this technique lying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the bed or sofa.

This position allows the abdominal muscles to relax, making it easier to activate the diaphragm.

Performing cardiac coherence breathing exercises three times a day for 5 to 10 minutes will lead to serenity, fitness, and health.

Coherent breathing video training

Take the time to test this method to find peace of mind.

Allow yourself 5 minutes of conscious breathing and note its effects at the end of the session.

coherent breathing video

Cardiac breathing exercises

Simple solutions to stress and anxiety can sometimes be found in unsuspected ways.

All you will find in cardiac coherence is a sense of calm, renewed energy, and a more optimistic outlook on life.

Breathing mindfully and taking care of your body with a few minutes of respite can only be beneficial for your health.

Staying calm and collected has been shown to strengthen the immune system, protect the heart, and improve cognitive function.

Let yourself go for 5 minutes, relearn to breathe calmly, and find your joie de vivre as the days go by.

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coherence breathing book

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