Dog Cyst Natural Treatment – 5 Easy Tips

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Sebaceous cyst dog treatment at home

Do you feel bumps on your dog’s body?

Do you think it tends to develop cysts easily?

You are worried.

Is a cyst on a dog serious?

It’s not that bad though.

There are remedies to treat a cyst naturally in dogs, manage to dissolve it slowly and make it disappear without any surgical intervention.

Sebaceous cyst on dog

The most common dog cyst is the sebaceous cyst.

A lump forms under the skin or epidermis, near a sebaceous gland.

It shows that a hair follicle, responsible for nourishing your pet’s fur and making it silky, is obstructed.

What causes a cyst?

The follicles release an oily substance to moisturize and protect the hair.

Their role does not stop there since they also protect the skin and reinforce its resistance to infections and allergens.

But these follicles sometimes become blocked by excess sebum, which creates a cyst.

As a rule, they develop slowly without causing major problems.

They are soft to the touch, move easily under the finger and the presence of liquid is detectable under pressure.

Basically, a cyst is a prominence containing an oily fluid that cannot be released.

It is therefore the obstruction of a hair follicle, the reason why it’s named follicular cyst dog.

sebaceous cyst on dog eyelid

Sebaceous cyst dog treatment

The goal of this natural treatment is to slowly dissolve this cyst by releasing the duct for the fluid to flow out and eventually resolve it without surgery.

Obtaining a convincing result requires a certain rigor and a fairly substantial duration.


  • Hot Compress

Whatever the cyst, the major care to treat it is the hot compress.

The goal is to apply heat to the surface to increase blood circulation.

This application will soothe the pain, slowly dissolve the cyst and ultimately accelerate its healing by freeing the clogged duct.

To achieve this, heat some water in a kettle, empty it into a bowl and soak a cotton cloth.

Apply it to your hand to check its temperature and assess if it is comfortable for you.

You can then apply it to your dog’s cyst and leave it in place, holding it there for about ten minutes.

Do this application four times a day.

A crucial first step.


  • Liquid DMSO for dog cyst

DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) is a natural anti-inflammatory that quickly penetrates the skin and can be absorbed by the cyst.

It can also help open up the inflamed channel to drain what gets stuck.

If you persist, you will heal your dog’s cyst.

What is DMSO?

This product is actually liquid organic sulfur.

It is very affordable, very effective, and very safe, including for your dog.

To treat it, place three drops directly on the cyst.

Spread the DMSO liquid (ad) over the entire surface and leave it to act without rinsing.

Make this application twice a day for a minimum of 14 days to determine if the size of the cyst is decreasing.


  • Witch Hazel

If the cyst ruptures or opens, a fairly deep wound appears and you must then intervene to prevent infection.

Witch hazel (ad) and aloe vera (ad) are two astringent solutions to recommend.

Aloe vera is a very effective anti-inflammatory.

Witch hazel is a very gentle astringent plant that will dry up secretions and therefore stop oozing.

It is also antiseptic and can help ward off secondary bacterial infections.

Soak a cotton ball with the two mixed lotions and apply it gently to the cyst, wiping it carefully.

Do this four times a day for about ten days, you will avoid superinfection.

sebaceous cyst on dog paw


  • Castor Oil

Castor oil is a very safe natural anti-inflammatory that can be applied topically.

Proven to fight many cysts in humans.

Why wouldn’t it work for the dog?

Apply a few drops of pure, hexane-free castor oil (ad) to the cyst and spread it over the entire surface.

Do this twice a day until it’s gone.

Combine DMSO following castor oil for optimal effectiveness.

Indeed, DMSO will penetrate the skin bringing with it castor oil, two anti-inflammatories in one application.


  • CBD

Don’t be offended, CBD is also an anti-inflammatory that can be used as a topical solution and can really help shrink a cyst, including in dogs.

CBD or cannabidiol is devoid of THC, the psychoactive substance of cannabis, and therefore has no hallucinogenic effect.

It is also used for dogs and its dosage is generally 3mg per 10 pounds of weight once a day.

The treatment of cysts requires a period of about a month to assess whether the substance really works.

If you don’t want to use it orally, you can apply two or three drops of CBD oil (ad) directly to the cyst.

You spread it over the entire surface then you follow an application of DMSO to let everything penetrate deep.

How do you get rid of a cyst on a dog?

Dogs are often prone to sebaceous cysts due to their sometimes very dense hair.

They are not very dangerous but constitute a source of pain that can be relieved by natural remedies.

You can thus manage to resorb them before a surgical act is necessary.

Combine the application of hot compresses, DMSO, castor oil, and CBD for a few weeks to observe its evolution.

If it breaks, your dog will be rid of it forever.

All you have to do is treat the wound with witch hazel and aloe vera.

And the famous unsightly cyst will be just an old memory.

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5 thoughts on “Dog Cyst Natural Treatment – 5 Easy Tips”

  1. hi,
    we just noticed a small cyst on our dog’s leg and we will try DMSO with castor oil, but how we can put on she doesn’t leaking it?

    Thanks: Erika

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    You can apply the products on gauze and wrap the paw with a temporary bandage.
    An application of 15 to 20 minutes is enough for the solution to penetrate deeply.

  3. I tried the DMSO on my dog’s cyst. Beware that Al the side effect of this can be a rotten egg smell that emanates from pores, breath, and horrible gas. Sorry, can’t use this solution. I’ll try castor oil.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Vanessa.
    Did you try no odor DMSO?
    Maybe this is the solution.

  5. I am not a medical professional / my experience is 50+ yrs of self treatment with ALL THINGS NATURAL & studying old Country Doc books from the late 1800’s and early 1900s & following their natural GOD given plants. I have been using DMSO for many years – internally and external for many health problems / no docs, no rx drugs /
    when you apply anything to the area that you are treating – do not use bandaids, gause, or anything that will soak up the natural remedy / will not work very well because it has been dried up /
    I have been using PressNSeal ( has a sticky surface and will stick to the skin and to itself to close it up) from the grocery store – will keep the concoction wet and with the DMSO will be taken about 7 layers through the skin
    I would use a concoction of Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut oil as the base, Organic African Shea Butter ( has many benefite) but will also make the concoction thick and easier to use, Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver , Frankincense Essential Oil, several drops of Oregano Essential Oil,
    Castor Oil , Sangre de Drago Liquid ( Blood of the Dragon sap of the Tree) from the Amazon Rain Forests and DMSO/ mix well / clean the cyst area with 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide ( store 3% is loaded with chemicals) let it bubble while it works on cleaning the area ( you can add some DMSO to the 3% to take it deeper into the cyst) clean off , apply the concoction, wrap really good with the PressNSeal then you can use a large bandage or wrap of some kind that will keep it in place. The PressNSeal keeps the concoction wet so that it can penetrate the area of the cyst or any wound/ Sangre de Drago and Oregano Oil have properties that will work on virus, bacteria, mold, infections & more!! I have years of experience with these concoctions.

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