Best Way to Get Rid of Bad Breath (7 Solutions)

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How to fight bad breath?

If you sometimes have bad breath which is also called halitosis, fear not, you are not the only one in the world.

Some studies show that 50% of adults have had bad breath at some point in their lives.

There are hundreds of possible causes from the trivial to the serious.

So let’s take a look at what can trigger halitosis and how to fix it to restore self-confidence.

Bad breath causes

And no, it’s not just garlic that gives you fragrant breath!

The major cause of halitosis is oral flora.

Hundreds of bacteria found naturally in the mouth form this flora.

And to be honest, it doesn’t smell very good.

The warm humidity in the mouth acts as a real incubator of bacteria.

And when you have eaten, these bacteria activate to consume the food particles lodged between your teeth while rejecting wastes called volatile sulfur compounds.

It’s those rotten egg-smelling compounds that make up bad breath.


  • Dry mouth and bad breath

Another cause of bad breath is dry mouth.

The role of saliva is to clean the mouth.

If you run out of saliva, cleaning is limited.

Certain medications can trigger dry mouth syndrome as well as problems with the salivary glands.

A deviated nasal septum or an allergy often prevents nasal breathing.

Breathing through the mouth also causes dryness which increases the growth of bacteria.


  • Gingivitis affects the breath

Persistent halitosis or a bad taste in the mouth can also be a sign of gingivitis caused by dental plaque.

Your dentist is best suited to treat your gums.


  • Bad breath serious illness?

If you are regularly followed by a dentist and ensure systematic hygiene of your teeth, this bad breath may be the result of problem health.

Thus, sinus, liver, or kidney problems, diabetes, and gastroesophageal reflux disease can be the cause of foul breath.


  • Food and halitosis

Certain foods like garlic or onion can temporarily affect your breath, but also digestive problems.

Indigestion of certain foods can also be a major cause of halitosis.


  • Tobacco and bad breath

Tobacco is a known cause of halitosis.

Does this mean that you have to quit smoking to have good breath?


  • Allergy disturbs breath

Regular sinus flushing with saline may be beneficial to avoid allergy-related halitosis.


  • Bad breath and infections

Any type of ENT infection can induce bad breath whether it is sinusitis, throat, lung, or intestinal infection.

How to treat bad breath?

Mouthwashes now found everywhere can help kill or neutralize these bacteria while temporarily masking bad odors.

The longer you delay taking care of your dental hygiene by removing particles, brushing your teeth, and flossing, the more bad breath increases.

Most of the bacteria involved are lodged on the tongue.

Take a look, you will probably find a brown or white haze on your tongue – bacteria are growing there.

When brushing your teeth, remember to finish by cleaning your tongue as well to get rid of these disturbing germs.

You can also use a tongue scraper like this (#ad).

Research shows that scratching the tongue reduces bad breath by 70%.

If you wear a denture, remember to remove it at night, and clean and disinfect it thoroughly before putting it back in the morning.

In case of dry mouth, it is advisable to chew gum or sugarless candy to produce more saliva.

Your dentist may also recommend artificial saliva.

Treat chronic halitosis

Chronic halitosis can have so many different causes that its treatment must be tailored to each individual.

However, the same starting protocol should be applied to everyone.


  • Oral hygiene

Brushing for at least 2 minutes twice a day, morning and evening with a suitable toothbrush should be an essential routine.

Choose an electric sonic toothbrush (#ad) because it is much more effective than manual brushing in reducing dental plaque.

Use dental floss or interdental brush at least once a day.

Use a tongue scraper that is more effective than a toothbrush to remove bacteria that are lodged in it.

Antimicrobial mouthwash is not an absolute must, but some people get used to it easily.

In some cases, your dentist or physician may prescribe certain bad breath medications or a chlorhexidine mouthwash. 

 bad breath mouthwash
                                 Antiseptic mouthwash

An annual visit to your dentist for the health of your teeth should be scheduled.

You will need to visit it twice a year to consider regular descaling.

Gingivitis or periodontitis is a condition of the gums that disturbs the breath.

Again, your dentist will help you treat them.

Bad breath natural treatment

These bacteria that proliferate in the mouth are not only the cause of a bad smell but can also cause tooth decay and cavities, gum problems, and even some cancers.

So consider combining some natural remedies to protect yourself from possible more serious health concerns.


  • The benefits of parsley

Parsley is a popular remedy for halitosis.

Its fresh taste and high chlorophyll content have a deodorizing effect.

Its use is easy, you just need to chew a few parsley leaves after the meal or use parsley capsules you will find here (#ad).


  • Probiotic yogurt

Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria called lactobacillus.

They can help fight bad breath when it comes from a bowel disorder.

Eat at least one whole unsweetened plain yogurt every day or start a cure of quality probiotics (#ad) for at least two weeks.


  • Oral probiotics

We are all familiar with probiotics that promote intestinal balance for better overall health.

There are also specific probiotics to ensure an optimal oral flora loaded with beneficial bacteria that will take care of reducing harmful bacteria.

These probiotics intended for oral health (#ad) are often in powder form or chewable supplements that will solve your problem.


  • Manuka honey spray

Manuka honey, like propolis, has remarkable antibacterial and antiviral properties.

To sanitize the oral sphere, all you need is a Manuka honey spray (#ad) twice a day.

It is also a must-have for a sore throat or irritant cough.

Essential oils and bad breath

  • Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil is deeply breath fresh, has a pleasant smell, and contains compounds that will help reduce unwanted bacteria.

To benefit from its virtues, you just need to drop a single drop in a glass of water as soon as the need arises.


  • Lemon essential oil

Lemon in general is excellent for removing toxins from the body.

Adding a drop of lemon essential oil to the water you consume each day will help you filter out better what is harmful and causes halitosis.

How to get rid of bad breath naturally?

Bad breath can be very disturbing.

Very often related to dental hygiene, it can nevertheless be caused by many health problems.

If care remains the major solution, there are also natural remedies that can deeply treat the bacterial attack.

Combining the two can help you resolve this condition for good, which is both a personal embarrassment and a social break.

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