Burning Mouth Syndrom: 8 natural solutions

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What is burning tongue syndrome?

Nothing is more painful than that constant feeling of a burning mouth that ruins your life.

What are the causes and symptoms?

What tips can be applied to relieve this syndrome?

This is what we are going to discover together to try to appease this unpleasant affection which is also named glossodynia.

Burning tongue causes

A burning sensation on the tongue is the same as a burning or sore mouth.


  • Vitamin deficiency

The major cause of this unpleasant feeling is B12 vitamin deficiency.

It may also be linked to iron deficiency.

The main question to ask is: how and why did you develop this deficiency.

There are different causes to identify:

– a stomach acid problem

– you have a gastric bypass and therefore do not have an optimal digestive system.
As a result, the absorption of B12 vitamins and iron does not take place.

– you suffer from an intestinal problem including irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or an inflammatory problem with the digestive system.
You may be vegan and don’t know that the b12 vitamin comes mainly from eggs, meat, and dairy products.

– you drink too much alcohol. The latter destroys the B12 vitamin.

– you have a liver problem and cannot absorb vitamins normally.


      • Fungal infection

Candida albicans may be the cause of a burning tongue.

Indeed, an overgrowth of this fungus becomes a very invasive fungal disease.

It can be caused by a gut imbalance.


      • Chemotherapy

Cancer treatments have quite severe side effects and a burning mouth can occur after chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.


      • An autoimmune disease

It can attack the digestive sphere, significantly reduce the microbiota, and intestinal flora, and trigger burning mouth syndrome.


      • Diabetes

People with too high blood glucose, suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes, may also experience this oral burn.


      • Acid reflux

The gastroesophageal reflux may cause a tingling or burning of the tongue due to the irritation it causes.


      • Burning mouth syndrome menopause

Most women with this burning tongue syndrome are postmenopausal.

In this period, estrogen and progesterone levels are very insufficient, and b12 and b6 vitamin deficiencies are present, thus paving the way to an inexplicable burn syndrome.

Symptoms of burning mouth syndrome

The major symptom is this intense burning sensation on the tongue or in the mouth.

Sometimes the tongue shows signs of inflammation and begins to redden.

Symptoms are usually mild in the morning but worsen over the hours of the day.

 how to treat a burning tongue
                                Red burning tongue

Burning tongue treatment

For an informed diagnosis, see a dentist first.

If his opinion isn’t conclusive, talk to your doctor about the possible impact of anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications.

Indeed, researchers have noted a correlation between people with this symptom and nerve conditions like panic attacks or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Calming the nervous system may affect the burning sensation.

Burning mouth syndrome tips

      • Alpha-lipoic acid

If this painful sensation in the mouth is related to a damaged nerve, alpha-lipoic acid (#ad) can help you.

It neutralizes damaged nerves and prevents damage to nerve cells.


      • Burning mouth vitamin B12 deficiency

To alleviate your burning tongue problem, you need to start a vitamin b12 cure.

Be sure to find a b12 methylcobalamin supplement (#ad) which is the natural form of this vitamin and can be taken whether you are vegan or not.

Avoid chemical supplements in a form that is poorly absorbed by the body.


      • Iron deficiency and burning tongue

Make sure your iron levels are normal with a blood test before considering supplementation.


      • Zinc deficiency and burning mouth syndrome

Here too, a deficiency can occur.

Zinc deficiency (#ad) can be localized in the fingers of the hand: if you notice white dots on the nails, you are lacking in this mineral salt.


      • Baking soda for burning mouth syndrome

Baking soda has a very alkalinizing effect on the body.

In direct contact with the mouth, it can provide real relief to the burning sensation.

Dilute a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda in a little water and wash your mouth.


      • Honey

You probably know that honey enormously softens the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat when they are inflamed.

To benefit from its virtues, choose unpasteurized honey directly from a beekeeper, or better opt for a manuka honey (#ad).


      • Burning mouth stress

Stress causes many unsuspected symptoms and is without a doubt the disease of this century.

In your case, try to control it because it depletes the reserves of B vitamins.


      • Treat candidiasis

If your condition is linked to a fungus, it is essential to treat it but also to restore healthy flora.

The probiotics (#ad) will work to prevent relapses by recreating a balanced gut flora that will strengthen your immunity.

Burning tongue syndrome

If you’ve ever had a burning sensation in your mouth, your gums, your throat, or your tongue, you know the symptoms of burning mouth, glossodynia, a mysterious ailment.

Although unpleasant and often unexplained, it may be linked to vitamin deficiency or nerve damage.

Many supplements, especially the B12 vitamin can come to your rescue.

Try to restore the balance of your body as quickly as possible before you throw yourself on mouthwashes which will have little effect.

And if even the supplements do not relieve you, try the management of your stress which, as everyone knows, often causes strange sensations to make you understand that it is time to relax and live more serenely.

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