What to Do if you Cant Fall Asleep (8 Natural Tips)

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We all have a friend or family member around us who claims to fall asleep in two minutes without a problem.

And it’s annoying when it sometimes takes us hours to catch the train of sleep.

It seems that there is a new technique for falling asleep in five minutes.

We will detail it here but if it is not sufficient, a few tips can be added to find sleep more quickly.

Sleep is important

Research has long shown that sleep is just as important as physical activity or healthy meals.

Sleep improves the immune system, ensures mental well-being, and helps in the prevention of certain diseases such as diabetes, and heart ailments while maintaining adequate body weight.

How to fall asleep easily?

A new technique developed by US Army medics to help soldiers sleep more easily and be more alert the next day has surfaced in civilian life.

This technique consists of two phases:

  • the physical phase
  • the mental phase

  • Physical relaxation

You need to get in shape the moment you lie down by closing your eyes and mentally relaxing every part of your face.

Start at the hairline and end at the chin and neck.

Relax the muscles in your cheeks, around your eyes, and even your tongue.

When you feel that your face is relaxed, focus on the right shoulder.

There, you’ll relax every muscle front and back and finally feel your shoulder weigh down and weigh on the mattress.

Then slowly, you will go down the arm to release each muscle up to the hand.

When you have finished the right arm, this time you go up to the left shoulder and do the same up to the left hand.

You then continue by taking 3 deep breaths in and out to relax the chest.

The final step is to release your legs by first focusing your attention on the feet until you reach your thighs.

Here too, a feeling of progressive heaviness tells you that the muscles are indeed relaxed.


  • Mental relaxation

We often have millions of thoughts circling and blocking sleep.

If the brain continues to heat up, it becomes impossible to find the necessary serenity at rest.

Now that your body is relaxed, you need to turn off the brain.

Prohibit yourself from thinking about anything, empty it of anything that may have happened during the day for a few seconds.

You can now bring positive thoughts and images to your mind.

You can choose from these three options:

  • you are lying in a canoe on a lake very calm and you observe a very blue sky
  • you are in a dark room lying in a black velvet hammock
  • you think of nothing and mentally repeat “I think of nothing” until sleep

The purpose of these “subterfuges” is not to allow any thought to evoke any feeling so as not to interfere with sleep.

 technique to fall asleep when you are stressed
                      Visualization for sleeping


Keep in mind that this method is not magic and requires practice to be fully mastered.

But it has proven results as 96% of people who integrated it into their daily routine noted remarkable improvement in 6 weeks.

So be persistent and repeat this conditioning night after night to resolve your falling asleep problem.

Fall asleep fast

There are some simple tips that everyone should do to make sleep easier.


  • Regular sleep

Before you go to bed, decide what exact time you’re going to wake up.

Likewise, set a specific time to go to bed.

Keep these times of getting up and going to bed constant.

And even if you feel very tired at night, don’t anticipate bedtime.

The body appreciates regular cycles and this inflexibility will pay off in no time.


  • Avoid screens

Don’t watch TV or play on your phone before bed.

The screens emit blue light which reduces the melatonin naturally produced by the body.

Melatonin is the sleep hormone, it makes us less active and invites us to rest.

Dim the lights in your bedroom so that you only experience soft light, and sleep in absolute darkness.

 blue light sleep


  • The right room temperature to fall asleep

It is important not to overheat your room because a cool environment makes it easier to fall asleep.

A temperature around 18°C (65°F) is recommended.

Also, make sure you have quality bedding ensuring absolute comfort.

The same goes for a suitable pillow, normal or ergonomic.


  • Dinner

It is highly recommended not to be excessive at dinner time.

Eat balanced by avoiding heavy meals and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco which are stimulants.


  •   A bedroom to fall asleep

Your bedroom should only be dedicated to moments of relaxation and sleep.

It should not be an adjoining office where you process emails, eat, work, and watch TV.

No, in your mind it should only be related to rest.

This strict separation of places produces very quick results in solving sleep problems.

light and sleep


  • Physical activity

Doing some exercise during the day allows you to tire yourself out to prepare for the night.

Of course, this physical maintenance will bring you many other benefits for your health in addition to being a preamble to sleep.

However, avoid any physical activity two to three hours before bedtime.


  • Eat bananas

Absurd? Not really.

Banana is a fruit that contains both potassium and magnesium which aid in muscle relaxation.

They also help in the production of melatonin.

Likewise, almonds provide an amino acid called tryptophan which stimulates the production of serotonin and directly influences sleep.

Stress and sleep

Whether it is physical or mental stress, it stimulates and generates harmful hormones like cortisol which provide unwanted energy and complicate disorders from sleep to insomnia.

Stress is difficult to control, it invades the brain and makes you doubt and ruminate so much that it takes hours and hours to relax.

And as luck would have it, it often comes before bed because your brain is no longer busy with other tasks like work, exercise, and reading.

Lying in the dark, you are suddenly trapped in your thoughts.

How to fight this infernal circle?

Like the chorus of a song that rings in your mind and annoys you, you must try to push back the thoughts leading you back to your daytime life. 

And to achieve this you need to listen to another song…

Even if you don’t feel particularly anxious, you need to stop the pressure of the day from taking over you and accept that your body needs a moment of respite and rest.

If thoughts overwhelm you, don’t lie in the dark.

Read a good book, practice meditation, take a hot bath, do whatever you like and those soothing distracted moments will click to facilitate a night of deep and restful sleep.

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