Treat Neck Wrinkles and Sagging – 5 Simple Tips

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Do you think there is a procedure to lift and tighten neck skin?

It’s not so obvious, you know that.

Adopting an anti-aging routine for the face is simple, but we often forget to protect the neck and the birth of the chest.

Then, the years pass, and the skin of the neck, from the birth of the breasts slowly wrinkles.

Dermatologists recommend certain products to look younger.

It is also possible to apply them in this area and regain a youthful appearance.

Let’s see which are the best products to treat a puckered neck.

The magic of retinol to reduce neck wrinkles

Improving the neck and decollete area necessarily involves hydration and certain specific techniques to increase collagen.

The best way to boost collagen is to use a simple, readily available product: retinol.

Retinol is a chemical compound derived from vitamin A.

A cream based on this substance will help you erase the damage caused by the sun while accelerating the production of collagen.

The goal is to thicken the skin to achieve a lifting effect.

Of course, retinol is not surgery, it is only applied topically and takes some time to take effect.

But it will work, don’t doubt it.


Neck skin is thinner than facial skin and can sometimes be sensitive to retinol.

For this reason, some adaptation time is necessary at first.

Redness may appear along with some dryness of the skin.

It is therefore very important to be moderate when using retinol and to choose a product that contains only a minimal amount.

Choose an encapsulated retinol to assess skin reaction and if irritation occurs, reapply every three days.

Although sensitive, you will be able to benefit from the benefits of retinol which are exceptional.


Some products are highly recommended:

  • if you have dry skin, I recommend the retinol serum by Cerave (#ad).
    It also contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid which strengthens the hydration.
  • if your skin is normal: I recommend Resurfacing Retinol Serum by Cerave (#ad) which also contains licorice root and niacinamide or vitamin B3 which are both excellent natural anti-inflammatories as well as ceramides to restore the protective barrier of the skin.

If you decide on a retinol treatment, remember that it is best to apply it at night because it is not resistant to UV from the sun and thus loses its effectiveness.

neck wrinkle treatment

Microneedling to stimulate collagen

Microneedling is a technique that revitalizes the skin.

It consists of applying a kind of pen with micro-needles that stimulate the dermis.

This technique, which, I would like to point out, does not hurt, makes it possible to treat sagging skin, to give it radiance while tightening pores, reducing skin spots, and fading acne scars.

It also helps stimulate collagen production, which blurs fine wrinkles.

The impact of these little needles is to simulate a wound so that the cells initiate healing by producing more collagen.

For once, the “wound” is not deep enough to be felt and the skin does not bleed.

But the information is sent by this device to activate the cells in charge of wound healing.

Previously reserved for aesthetic salons, it is now possible to obtain these devices for treatment at home, like this Dermapen Ultima (#ad) which shows effectiveness close to professionals.

Note that the use of this technique increases the effects of the products you use by facilitating their penetration into the skin.

Don’t expect immediate effects, however.

Treatment requires a period of 2 to 4 months with a daily application for a visible result resulting in thickening of the skin and a marked improvement in its elasticity.

Neck wrinkles exercises

Some yoga techniques can help you maintain vigor and restore tone to withered neck skin.

Of course, these are exercises aimed at strengthening the neck muscles, but they help to ensure a better appearance through posture.

The simplest technique is to raise your head, and stare at a point on the ceiling while swallowing your saliva for 10 to 15 seconds.

This easy movement stretches the muscles and strengthens them.

If you practice this 10 to 15 times by looking ahead and then looking to the sides without moving your shoulders while raising your head, you will get a fairly convincing result by muscle strengthening.

Simple facial yoga technique to incorporate into a daily routine.

neck winkle remover

Silicone patches to moisturize neck skin

Silicone patches are commonly used in plastic surgery to prevent scarring.

They provide intense hydration in the deep layers of the skin and the result is stunning.

The only downside if any, you must use these silicone neck patches (#ad) without any other product so as not to interfere with their adhesion.

Consider wearing them for a minimum of two hours a day, away from applying your skincare products or even at night, away from applying skincare products.

These patches are very effective in strengthening the skin and erasing horizontal lines that appear over time.

how to tighten neck skin

Home remedy for neck wrinkles

You can also opt for a natural recipe that you can make yourself deeply moisturize your skin.

I, therefore, give you my homemade anti-wrinkle oil recipe which gives me complete satisfaction.


*DIY anti-wrinkle cream recipe:

– Mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of rice to make a powder

– Pour 100ml of olive oil into a bowl

– Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (#ad)

– Pour 2 teaspoons of rice powder into the oil

– Mix all ingredients thoroughly

– Dump a bag of green tea into the mix

– Mix everything then put the bowl in a bain-marie

– Let the mixture cool in a bain-marie for 15 minutes

– After 15 minutes, allow the bowl to cool

– Use cotton cloth to filter oil

– You finally have an anti-wrinkle oil with rice and green tea extracts

– For better preservation, add a vitamin E capsule (#ad) to mix


Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, and antioxidants.
It protects the skin from oxidative stress and prevents premature aging.

Coconut oil delays the appearance of wrinkles while preventing premature aging.

Rice powder treats skin spots and restores a natural skin glow.

Green tea deeply treats wrinkles.

Transfer your anti-aging oil into a 100ml bottle, preferably UV-protected, and apply to the neck every night at bedtime.

Massage deeply so that the oil penetrates deep into the skin and leaves it to act.

Rinse with warm water in the morning.

Neck lift without surgery

It’s not easy to smooth out neck wrinkles but it’s not impossible either.

Based on the principle that all skin aging is the result of insufficient hydration, the first reflex to have is to restore a sufficient level.

Natural anti-wrinkle oil like the recipe suggested above combined with silicone patches can quickly put an end to this water imbalance.

You can then try to erase the wrinkles that have already appeared by applying retinol and stimulating the cells for increased collagen production by micro needling technique.

A few sessions of facial yoga will help you rebalance everything and build muscle in depth for better skin maintenance

In the end, your neck and decollete will regain a regenerated, healthy and… youthful appearance over the weeks.

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