Puppy Care: 13 Essentials for a Happy Start

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Are you about to welcome an adorable puppy into your family?

This exciting journey can be incredibly rewarding, but it also requires careful planning and organization to ensure your furry friend’s well-being.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore essential aspects of puppy care to help you create a loving and nurturing environment for your new canine companion.

From choosing the right bed to selecting the best toys and grooming essentials, we’ve got you covered.

Get expert advice on puppy care essentials, from grooming to safety. Ensure a happy, healthy start for your new furry friend.

Choosing the perfect puppy bed

A comfortable bed is a crucial starting point for your new puppy.

Remember that puppies grow quickly, so opt for a bed that can adapt to their size as they mature.

If your puppy is arriving in winter, choose a warm and inviting bed, while a cooler option may be more suitable for a summer arrival.

You can explore classic bed options (ad) or trendy pillows (ad) to suit your pup’s preferences.

puppy bed

Selecting functional puppy bowls

Proper mealtime equipment is essential for your puppy’s nutrition.

Start with appropriately sized bowls to avoid overfeeding your little companion.

Consider double bowls (ad) for easy access to food and water, and elevated options for comfortable dining.

To protect your floors and help with housetraining, invest in a small carpet for your pup’s dining area.

Navigating puppy feeding

Feeding your puppy requires careful consideration.

Consult with your breeder to continue their existing diet to avoid digestive issues.

Gradually introduce any changes to their diet, ensuring a smooth transition.

Remember, maintaining consistency in your puppy’s diet is crucial for their health.

The importance of puppy treats

Treats play a significant role in puppy training.

Choose treats that are size-appropriate, safe for your pup’s mouth, and low in calories.

These rewards will motivate and assist your puppy as they adapt to their new environment.

Collars, leashes and safety

For your puppy’s safety and education, consider a harness over a collar (ad), especially for active and playful puppies.

A retractable leash (ad) can provide more control during walks.

Keep in mind that your puppy will grow quickly, so plan for future leash and harness upgrades.

dog anti-pull harness

Grooming essentials

Maintaining your puppy’s coat is essential, especially if they have long or curly hair.

Opt for soft brushes and combs, with a preference for combs for gentleness.

Consider investing in a dog grooming kit (ad) for comprehensive coat care.

Choosing the right shampoo

Avoid using human hair products on your puppy, as their skin’s pH differs from ours.

Opt for a natural, moisturizing shampoo designed for dogs.

Adding a moisturizing spray (ad) can help keep their coat in top condition.

Enzymatic cleaners for accidents

Small accidents are going to happen frequently in your home and outside.

Might as well anticipate them!

Training time should do its thing but, if your dog is a male, the urine marking is very likely to ensue.

Don’t be harsh on the educational period, be positive and reward-based.

To compensate for daily damage, I invite you to bring an enzymatic cleaner (ad) that allows you to both erase accidents and destroy odors.

Hydration on the go

If you move a lot and take your dog everywhere with you, it is a good idea to think about his hydration, which must be constant.

Then get a practical dog travel bottle (ad) to be able to give him something to drink, including in the car.

It will also serve you well on hot days.

Keeping cool with a cooling mat

Speaking of heat, remember that it can be fatal for your companion.

Plan a cooling mat (ad) that allows you to lower his body temperature quickly in case of hot weather.

Dogs mainly control their temperature with their tongue, paws, and belly.

The combination of cool water and a bed filled with cooling gel will help him during extreme temperatures.

dog new arrival home

Safety first with a dog car seat

We don’t think about it enough, but the safety of dogs in cars is just as important as for humans.

Adopt a “dog car seat” (ad) is a good investment.

This prevents your doggy from wandering around on the seats when accelerating and turning while protecting the saddlery.

And then, you don’t know it yet but maybe he won’t support the car well and will be reassured to find a comforting corner for the long travels.

Creating a cozy garden spot

Maybe your dog doesn’t need an outdoor kennel because he lives with you, but he’ll still appreciate finding a place for him in your garden.

You can create a nice personal space for him so that he can relax just as much as you do when spring arrives.

There are very pretty models (ad) that will easily find their place in your decor and give your dog a place to bask.

Puppy-proof chew toys

Dog toys are endless.

Whether it’s balls, strings, freebies, or plushies, there’s plenty to choose from.

You will have to test his preferences to satisfy him, but be careful with security.

Each selected toy should be sturdy enough that he can’t cut it with his teeth.

It must not be able to shred it, tear it, tear it apart.

Accidents are common with puppies.

They have no limits and nibble whatever they catch.

So be sure to choose toys that are sturdy and of proportionate size so as not to put your dog in danger.

You can also opt for educational toys that will awaken your dog’s intuition.

As with a Kong dog toy (ad) which allows you to hide treats and let him find the solution to enjoy them.

A dog in my life

This list is not exhaustive but allows you not to be caught off guard when your new companion arrives.

Over time, you’ll learn what it takes to ensure both functionality and happiness.

So this list could be endless if you want to spoil it.

But remember, a moment of shared play, a tender caress, a kiss on the head is his greatest reward.

Love is always the best gift.

how to make your dog happy

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