How to keep mosquitoes away from your house

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Summer is coming… so are the mosquitoes!

How to keep them away from your home and no longer be attacked every minute by a furious vampire?

To be honest, getting rid of mosquitoes hasn’t been that easy for a few years.

But there are a few countermeasures to try to keep them at bay and thus avoid unpleasant summer stings.

How to keep mosquitoes away from the house?

There are several tactics that help protect against mosquito bites.

Of course, in the first place, we will think of a repellent.

The most effective is a DEET or picaridin-based repellent applied to skin and clothing.

To further increase effectiveness, you can also plant lemongrass or marigolds around your house which naturally repel mosquitoes.

To protect yourself inside your home, keeping windows and doors closed at certain times of the day is more than recommended.

In fact, mosquitoes are much more active at dawn and dusk.

The mosquito nets (amz) become more and more necessary over the years as the invasion of mosquitoes increases.

You can double as an electronic mosquito trap to catch and eliminate them.

Mosquitoes are not very good at flying.

That’s why a simple fan can help keep them at bay.

Finally, most importantly, don’t forget to ensure that there are no sources of standing water in your garden.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in this water and are very fond of flower pots or clogged gutters.

mosquito infestation

Best indoor mosquito killer

Controlling the invasion of mosquitoes inside the house is a real challenge, but some solutions are still available to us.


– Electric Mosquito Trap

A fly killer lamp (amz) uses a combination of light and heat to attract, trap and kill mosquitoes.
It is safe to use indoors and produces no smell or smoke.

For maintenance only, regular cleaning ensures its effectiveness.


– Mosquito repellent

These anti-mosquitoes diffusers (amz) basically spread essential oils like citronella, mint, or lemongrass to repel mosquitoes.

They are safe and do not emit smoke or smell.

Nevertheless, their effectiveness is sometimes insufficient.


– Mosquito bracelets

This is a bracelet infused with repellent essential oils that are said to keep mosquitoes at bay.

It can be used safely, but again, its effectiveness is sometimes insufficient.


– UV mosquito repellent

These are devices that use ultraviolet light (amz) to attract mosquitoes and electrocute them.

They are safe to use indoors as they do not emit smoke or smell but require regular cleaning.

Best mosquito killer for bedroom

Different solutions are available to you to protect yourself while you sleep:


  • Mosquito coil

A natural coil (amz) emits smoke that repels and kills mosquitoes.

They can be used in a bedroom but sparingly as they can cause respiratory problems.


  • Electric Mosquito Trap

By a combination of light and heat, the mosquito is attracted to this device.

Using it in a bedroom is no problem, but it does require regular maintenance.


  • Bug spray

These sprays usually contain chemicals but can be sprayed in a room.

They should be used sparingly as they may cause respiratory problems and trigger an allergy.


  • Mosquito Repellent Diffuser

It most often contains essential oils that repel mosquitoes.

It’s safe in a bedroom but sometimes not effective.

indoor mosquito repellent


Organic mosquito control

Natural control methods are also a way to manage mosquito infestations without using chemical means.

Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

Repellent plants scattered around your home naturally repel mosquitoes.

Plant lemongrass or mint, and you will be more peaceful.

Use natural repellents based on citronella and mint essential oils.

You can apply them directly to the skin or diffuse them in your interior.

Finally, natural mosquito traps that emit CO2, heat and light are also a great way to reduce their presence in your environment.

Mosquito killer outdoor

The war against the tiger mosquito is essentially won by acting outside.

To achieve this, here are some tips you can use in the garden:


  • Mosquito Dunk

This is a small donut-shaped pebble (amz) containing a naturally occurring bacteria that attacks mosquito larvae before they reach adulthood.

Just place it in standing water to control mosquito breeding.


  • Mosquito misting system

This misting fan (amz) allows you to diffuse a fine insecticidal mist into the air to kill mosquitoes.

It’s great for spreading repellent essential oils while refreshing your rooms.

A good two-in-one trick.


  • Mosquito larvae in water

This is a biological larvicide (amz), a natural bacteria (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or BTI) that kills mosquito larvae.

Just drop it in standing water to control mosquito breeding in your environment.


  • Outdoor Electric Mosquito Trap

By a combination of UV light and heat, this electric trap (amz) attracts mosquitoes and eliminates them.

They can be used indoors or outdoors but require regular maintenance.


  • Mosquito Control

Some companies offer mosquito control services by combining repellent methods such as adulticides, larvicides, and some habitat modifications to achieve control of the proliferation of mosquitoes outside.

 mosquito trap outdoor

Natural insect repellent for home

There are also natural solutions that help repel insects from the home.

In the first place, we will think of essential oils such as eucalyptus, mint, or lemongrass, well known for pushback.
You can diffuse them, spray them in the air, or even apply them directly to the skin.

Fresh or dried herbs like basil, rosemary, and bay leaves can be placed strategically around the house to repel insects.

Garlic can be used as a natural repellent by crushing a few heads and placing them in water.
You can spray the mixture on surfaces and in areas where you notice insects are present.

Vinegar mixed in equal parts with water and sprayed on surfaces is a good way to repel insects.

Baking soda mixed with water is also a great bug spray.

Dry orange peels can be placed in infested areas.

Get rid of mosquitoes in the house

There are multiple ways to get rid of mosquitoes at home.

Just follow these simple rules like removing any source of standing water so mosquitoes don’t breed.

Put mosquito nets on all windows and doors so that they do not enter the habitat.

Place electronic traps to attract and eliminate them.

Do not hesitate to use natural repellents based on essential oils or chemicals to avoid the multiplication of bites.

You can even get a UV light air purifier that will get rid of mosquitoes, flies, and any flying insects in rooms.

best outdoor mosquito killer

Finally, the most effective way to avoid mosquito bites is to keep them away from the house and your bedroom.

There are several methods for this explained above and by combining them, you can achieve no longer being invaded in summer.

Hope you manage to avoid them as much as possible on sunny days.

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