How to Quit smoking Fast without Craving (Easy method)

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Despite all that is being said, e-cigarettes are clearly a much healthier alternative to smoking, but do you know that you can use it to help you quit smoking?

Nicotine is a substance found in tobacco, but the e-cigarette liquid available on the market contains a well-defined nicotine level.

Armed with your equipment and a progressive plan, you can free yourself from tobacco and nicotine without experiencing the discomfort of withdrawal.

Here are the five crucial steps, from a personal experience I want to share, or how to quit smoking in a few days.

1 – Alternate cigarette and vape

Starting the program is first getting used to the e-cigarette. Vaping is not smoking. You have to learn to master the material to be convinced.

By choosing suitable and efficient vape device, the transition period is shortened. We start to space the cigarettes and compensate with vape.

Nicotine in e-liquids plays its part and there is no longer any need to inhale smoke without feeling the slightest lack.

The complete and efficient vape starter kit (#ad) that I most often recommend to my friends.

2 – Quit smoking and reduce nicotine levels in e liquid

Depending on your past as a smoker, you start with an eliquid with the right nicotine level.

Liquids are as numerous as the nicotine levels offered by manufacturers.
In France, the maximum rate is set by law at 20mg/ml. Most liquids are dosed at 12mg/ml, 6mg/ml and nicotine-free.

Some manufacturers offer even more dosed e juices (without exceeding the mandatory rate) to help heavy smokers who require a higher dose of nicotine to hope to quit smoking.

Leaving the tobacco cigarette to focus only on e-cigarettes is quickly becoming a new habit. Without noticing it, you start to get out of tobacco as the days go by.

But over these same days, the body reacts to this change, and very quickly asks for a reduction in the amount of nicotine inhaled.

Don’t be in a hurry, just listen to your body.
If you started this vape experiment with a vape juice dosed at 12mg/ml for example, your body may ask you to lower this level to 9mg/ml.


3- Get used to the drop in nicotine levels

As the weeks go by, you will have to lower the nicotine levels of your ejuices.

For some, this step is without consequences. For others, some withdrawal effects may appear.

But, remember that you have already done the hardest by forgetting cigarette and lighter.

Symptoms such as lack, headache, irritability can be countered by temporarily raising nicotine levels in e liquids.

4 – A gradual smoking cessation

You are going to do up and down between your different liquids for a few weeks.

But time is your ally and you will feel free of tobacco during the decline in the nicotine levels of your juices.

The whole thing is not to be violent, and especially not to go too fast, to avoid the risk of relapse into tobacco for lack of nicotine.

So be sure to listen carefully to your body when it asks you to reduce percentages but also when your nervousness invites you to review the nicotine level.

5 – Achieving the use of a nicotine-free e liquid… Or not!

Having reached this stage, you are now a non-smoker, well done.

You have been giving up smoking for months, you have juggled the different nicotine levels of your vape juices, you are now using ridiculously dosed products.

Whatever you decide now, stop everything or keep e-cigarettes in your daily life, tobacco is behind you. And if there is a nicotine residue left in your tank, it is insignificant compared to the 7000 substances in tobacco.

I invite you to read this article on nicotine so you don’t have to worry about it.

In 5 steps, a few weeks, we can quit smoking.
This is not theory. I quit smoking that way.

To facilitate the stage of nicotine reduction in e-juices, take an interest in DIY flavorings, learn how to make your own e-liquid to best adapt the dosage that suits your need and gradually move away from smoke for a healthier lifestyle.

This article contains affiliate links echoing my recommendations.
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