Health is not just physical

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When we talk about health and well-being, we tend to think about fitness, nutrition and healthy living.

We forget a lot about the emotional aspect of being in our analyses.

Spiritual health, however, is a major element that is often overlooked but may be of greater importance than a medical examination.

Mental health is undoubtedly part of the balance of a life and is certainly the key to longevity.

The doctors are advising us. They tell us what is good or not for the body. But their prescriptions do not guarantee a healthy and long life.

It is regularly observed that even those who follow medical advice to the near point, those who try to control everything in their lives, who pay attention to a balanced diet, those who impose themselves a life without excess are nevertheless not immune to serious health problems.

Nothing is guaranteed. Not even daily physical training.

Physicians and scientists focus on managing physical health but denigrate the emotional and spiritual factors that have a major impact on people’s lives.

For this reason, modern medicine remains ineffective on ailments that are not physical, that can be cured only by speech and acceptance.

Alternative medicine finds its place in this loophole for those who know that the chemical will never relieve the spiritual.

Human beings are not just physical bodies.

The power of the mind is often put in the spotlight when people find themselves in terrifying situations, find the physical strength to lift a car to save an accident victim, survive extreme conditions that were supposed to be fatal but emerge victorious by an exceptional mental.

So many internal resources that human beings hide in the depths of themselves.

Science cannot explain these extraordinary phenomena. But this spiritual power does not seem to be expressed outside of extreme stress conditions.

And in those moments, it shows that nothing is impossible for human beings.

In the end, it appears that people who live only an emotionally stable life have better health.

Heart disease, lung disease, weight management, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes do not affect them.

It may also be time for you to think that health is not just related to fitness and that the key is both a healthy life and a spiritual balance, free from stress, pressure and moments of well-being to be nurtured.

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This article contains affiliate links echoing my recommendations.
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