Overcoming stress through observation

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Health is not innate, it must be controlled.

To achieve this, you have to learn to listen to your body and understand what it expresses.

Here are some keys to understanding your body, overcoming stress and building better health.

The observation phase

You only have to dress yourself to understand the first expression of your body.

Are your clothes too loose? Do you feel cramped in what you are wearing? What does your scale indicate?

Health is above all a healthy and balanced diet.

If you lose too much weight or take it too fast, your body asks you to review your management of the subject.

“Forget cakes, ready meals and sweets, focus on fruits, vegetables, cereals”, the body says.

Similarly, eating too little affects health through a lack of adequate nutrients.

Here too, reviewing the diet and time spent on it must be a priority.
Malnutrition weakens the immune system.

Preserving the digestive system

The digestive system not only collects and reprocesses nutrients, it also protects against pathogens.

It has a major role in maintaining the immune system.

Treating it with kindness begins by paying attention to junk food leading to a disorder resulting in loss of protective bacteria (diarrhea) or episodes of constipation, indigestion caused by excesses.

Maintaining the digestive system begins by eating a balanced food and taking probiotics to replenish the intestinal flora.

A intake of yoghurt or fermented products (choucroute, kephir) in your meals will ensure this function.

If this intake is not enough, you can get probiotics in supplements..

Otherwise you can test these probiotics (#ad)

Pay attention to the cardiovascular system

It is important to monitor your blood pressure.

If you are sedentary or have a family history of high blood pressure, it is crucial to check your blood pressure regularly, especially after exercise.

Digital blood pressure monitors are now available in drugstores or online for wrist measurement in one minute.

Medical monitoring of hypertension is now facilitated by many medications.

It is also recommended to monitor your heart rate.

A rhythm that is too high (tachycardia) or too low (bradycardia) can be easily detected.

Here too, cardiac arrhythmia is now medically controlled.

Listen to your heart. Do you feel tired? Do you take the time to rest enough to regenerate your body?

The energy drops, the accumulated fatigue are all elements that your body sends you to tell you that it is time to stop everything to find relaxation and rest.
A wake-up call in short.

Don’t ignore all these signals, don’t push your limits.

The only way to maintain good health is to relieve the body but also the mind.

For this, yoga, meditation, regular holidays are your friends.

I invite you to a relaxing break of a few minutes through this french meditation video (without spirituality) by Jonathan Lehmann – which I strongly advise you to follow – a few minutes to calm down and let go.

Stress is the evil of this century and it does a lot of damage. Allow yourself time for this video.

You may really need it even if you are not going to click out of skepticism.


This article contains affiliate links echoing my recommendations.
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