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Which pillow to choose?

There are all kinds of pillows and when it’s time to change it, you don’t know where to turn.

Classic pillow, ergonomic pillow, cooling pillow, bolster, the choice is endless.

And when you have to get a memory foam pillow to provide cervical support, the matter becomes even more complicated.

What form? What thickness? What material?

A real headache to find the right one.

This article offers you the best pillows available on Amazon, most of them made of latex but in all cases ergonomic for real support of the neck and shoulders.

How to choose your pillow?

Your sleeping position determines the choice of a suitable pillow.

If you’re a side sleeper, the main thing you need to worry about is the height of a neck pillow based on your shoulder width.

The wider it is, the thicker the pillow should be.

If you sleep on your back, do not choose a pillow that is too firm, which may increase your neck pain.

Choose a memory foam pillow that is soft without being too soft.

If you sleep on your stomach, choose a soft, thin pillow for sufficient cervical support without accentuating the arch.

amazon memory foam pillow

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Best latex foam pillow

If you’re looking for a thick, fluffy pillow that provides ample neck support, I recommend this Organic King Size Latex Pillow (#ad).

Made of pure latex flakes, it recovers its loft in seconds, guaranteeing that it will not deform too fast.

Specially made for those who have a neck that is very sensitive to the height of the pillow, it can be adjusted by removing fill.

It is especially intended for those who seek comfort in an enveloping pillow, who tend to sleep on their side or on the back.

best latex foam pillow

Natural latex ergonomic pillow

This ergonomic natural latex pillow (#ad) is characterized by its wavy shape and its micro-perforations which make it very breathable.

Both anti-mite, antibacterial, anti-mold, and of course hypoallergenic, it offers 3 possible heights depending on its position ranging from 3,9″ to 4,7″.

The legendary elasticity of latex gives it unique comfort, and a soft rebound effect without compromising cervical support.

Another advantage, its size allows you to use a standard-size pillowcase.

It is of course delivered in a 100% cotton cover with a zipper.

latex foam pillow

Cooling Bamboo pillow

If you are looking for a thin and firm ergonomic pillow, you will find what you are looking for with this cooling bed pillow (#ad).

With an adjustable height, it offers you firm support for the cervical spine whatever your sleeping position.

Its memory foam made from Premium Cross-Cut Gel and Microfiber blend guarantees excellent breathability, the desired comfort, and the necessary cervical support.

It is also equipped with 100% bamboo fibers that give a “winter side” to keep the heat in and 100% cooling fibers for a “summer side” that provides continuous freshness.

Its cover is removable and can be machine washed.

An ordinary pillowcase can be used to protect it.

cooling memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillow for side sleeping

If your neck or your spine hurts and you are looking for a really effective ergonomic pillow, you will be convinced by this memory foam pillow for side sleepers (#ad).

Its design is adapted to sleep on the back by choosing the upper side with two horns which offer firm support for the cervical spine.

The side sleeper will find happiness by positioning on the lower side of the pillow which maintains perfect alignment of the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

This pillow is not made of latex but of high-quality memory foam, but it should be noted that sleeping on your side involves specific support that latex does not always provide.

This pillow is adjustable depending on the side and slips into a standard pillowcase.

memory foam pillow for side sleepers

Latex pillow for sleeping on your stomach

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you need to find an ergonomic pillow adapted to your sleeping position.

The key to finding real comfort while sleeping on your stomach is in the thickness of the pillow.

You need to find a very low model like this one offered in a thin latex pillow (#ad), with a 2,75 inches height.

It is not very firm so as not to exert pressure on the face.

This hypoallergenic ergonomic pillow is also equipped with cooling technology and aeration to avoid any accumulation of heat.

If you sleep on your stomach or even on your side, if your morphology requires you to use a very thin pillow so as not to stress your neck and back and if you can’t stand models that are too high or too drawn, this ultra-flat pillow is made for you.

stomach sleeper pillow

Why choose the latex pillow?

It is often said that it is preferable to opt for a latex pillow because it is natural and therefore free of chemicals.

Yes and no.

Latex is made from the vegetable juice of an Amazonian tree that is molded and cooked.

It is therefore undeniably natural, but finding a 100% latex pillow is rare and expensive.

You should therefore know that latex is also the result of petroleum-derived products and this synthetic latex is also used in the manufacture of pillows.

So be sure to find a pillow containing at least 40% natural latex to avoid exposing yourself to chemical fumes.

The major advantage of a latex pillow lies in the elasticity and firmness of its foam, which provides constant neck support.

Choosing a latex pillow is therefore looking for a natural, soft and toned filling that stays in place regardless of the position of the sleeper.

How to remove the smell from a new pillow?

Sometimes a new pillow releases an unpleasant odor when unpacking it.

Latex pillows are not exempt even if it is a natural material.

Whatever the filling is chosen, it is essential not to use your pillow on the day of its reception.

On the one hand, several hours are necessary for it to return to its initial shape after being vacuum-packed, on the other hand, you will have to wait a minimum of 24 hours, if not several days, for the smell dissipates.

To speed up the process, you can place it in a dryer at moderate temperature for 45 minutes after unpacking and then leave it in a ventilated place for 24 hours before testing it.
                  Derila Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain

Sleep without a pillow?

Do you sleep flat, without a pillow, and wonder if this position is recommended?

Some studies tend to show that sleeping without a pillow moderates neck and back pain.

They also note that a sleeping flat is very suitable for stomach sleepers.

The only downside is that not having a pillow can encourage snoring.

firm memory foam pillow


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When to change your pillow?

An ergonomic or even classic pillow is not eternal and we tend to forget when the time comes to change it.

It should however be remembered that a pillow used daily is no longer as efficient after three years.

Whatever the material, the internal foam sags and no longer provides sufficient cervical support.

In addition, for hygienic reasons, it is necessary to think about its renewal on a regular basis.

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