3 exercises for flat stomach and glutes

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You run after time, you can’t find it to take care of your body by doing exercises.

Ideally, we would have to find an hour three or four times a week to complete your plans. But even if time is the pitfall, the will also plays tricks on us.

When the exercise becomes constrained, then you have to find a parade and it is not necessarily in a diet.

Sports coaches are increasingly creative in designing short programs to maintain fitness, muscles and even lose weight.

Here are some keys to high intensity interval training.


We said 10 minutes a day. Walking 10 minutes a day is largely insufficient to ensure good physical condition.

The method recommended here is to produce a high-intensity effort over a short period of time, like a 100-meter sprint.

We are then offered Tabata martial arts exercises to string together intense 20-second figures followed by a 10-second rest, as shown in the video below.

Tabata exercises are effective but if we are looking for a movement that maximizes the peak of metabolism to get the best benefits over a short period of time, we will be offered:

Kettlebell swing

This exercise requiring kettlebell (#ad) greatly helps to burn fat (weight loss), improves endurance and regenerates the body.

I give you a link to find the same convenient dumbbell of this vidéo



This very violent exercise, testing respiratory and cardiac capacity still requires a medical check-up before being undertaken.

Can we really muscle up with only 10 minutes of training?

Coaches are formal, there is a simple method of lifting a weight higher than yours in sessions of 5 to 10 seconds.

Many are skeptical of this strength training technique but coaches explain that muscle development occurs by impulses on the brain, inviting it to solicit all the muscles to adapt to this new scenario.

But this training must be progressive and prepared. We then schedule only 2 sessions per week. First, we perform 5 exercises in the preamble to conclude with a single shot of 5 to 10 seconds.

Coaches recommend first defining the maximum weight you can bear and then increasing significantly with each session. Weightlifting is yours!

gym exercises


Don’t be misled by the length of the sessions.
The organization will still be in demand to recover exercises.

To achieve weight loss while increasing muscle mass, nutritionists recommend a 20% increase in your caloric needs on training days and a 10% reduction on rest days.


A trained athlete will never attack his heart as much as a sedentary subject who does not take the time to prepare himself.

Doctors say that a violent effort multiplies by 10 the heart risk for a trained athlete, by 100 for a beginner!

But on the other hand, cardiologists recognize that high-intensity training that encourage the body to push to the maximum of its abilities over a short time is safe.

This practice could even have far more beneficial effects than a 30-minute jogging or a series of pool lengths and is even indicated for people with serious illnesses, including heart disease.

It is therefore up to you to establish your high-intensity training program, and therefore slimming diet, but as a precautionary measure, after advice from your personal physician.

This article contains affiliate links echoing my recommendations.
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